EWI Review 12 - Entrepreneurship in Flanders: who dares?

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17 January 2011

Out now: EWI Review 12

The new EWI Review magazine n° 12 is now available. This time we put the spotlight on the culture and mentality in which entrepreneurship (and innovation) in Flanders flourishes – or could flourish.

In Flanders, an entrepreneur whose business has failed always carries the stain of this failure with him, usually for the rest of his days. Banks will be difficult about giving new loans, applications for credit subsidies are suddenly subject to numerous extra conditions. It is open to question whether or not this suspicion is justified. Surely the entrepreneur will also have ‘learnt’ from his experience, and will therefore be unlikely to make the same mistakes again?

The interview with Ivan Van de Cloot offers some fascinating and often surprising insights in this respect. We will also examine a number of practical examples.

Discover the latest edition at the EWI Review website, where you can download the magazine, subscribe for free and check the archive.

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What is EWI Review?

EWI Review is the quarterly magazine of the department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish government. Each edition explores a central theme which is of current relevance to the economy, science and innovation policy domain, but also to society at large. Both internal and external experts contribute to the issue. A number of fixed rubrics complete the new EWI Review.

EWI Review is available in Dutch and English.

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