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  • FRIS - Flanders Research Information Space. A Wealth of Research Information

    FRIS aggregates all the publicly funded research in Flanders. 33,000 research projects. 80,000 researchers. 378,000 scientific publications. Meet Flanders Research Information Space (FRIS). A wealth of research data and results, waiting to be used. By you.
  • Reflections on missions in the European ninth Framework Programme for RTD

    In order to contribute to the discussion on how missions could be implemented in the European 9th framework programme for RTD, the Flemish administration and its stakeholders want to provide some reflections on these matters, being modest in their ambition as many different, potentially conflicting perspectives influence the debates.This papers presents general principles that should guide the discussion on missions (section 1), followed by a number of concrete suggestions for their implementation (section 2).
  • STI in Flanders : Science, Technology & Innovation. Policy & Key Figures - 2017

    The aim of the publication is to present in depth information on Science, Technology and Innovation policy in Flanders, display important figures or indicators, describe the broad context and the performance of the research and innovation landscape, and list the main actors as well as public entities in the field of R&D and innovation.
  • Flemish position paper on the European ninth Framework Programme for RTD

    Flemish position paper on the European ninth Framework Programme for RTD

    The next, ninth FP (FP9) concerns many national/regional stakeholders, has an important impact on the science and innovation performance of a country/region by the funding volume and underlying principles that express common values shared by the member states of the European Union, the European Commission and the associated countries. Hence, the Flemish Department of Economy, Science and Innovation took the lead in organising its stakeholders to prepare a common position paper on FP9. In this paper, we make clear which general principles are important for us, but we do not want to “hide behind the headlines”1 and hence, propose some ideas on how to implement these principles or to tackle urgent issues.
  • Flemish Education in figures 2015 - 2016

    Flemish Education in figures 2015 - 2016

    The publication gives a statistical overview of the Flemish education for the school and academic year 2015-2016. The information is available by education level and presented in tables and graphs.