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Welcome to the new website of the department of Economy, Science and Innovation. You'll find indicators and statistics, as well as policy information on the subject of economy, science and innovation. Enjoy!

Science, Technology and Innovation in Flanders

In our publication "STI in Flanders" we present you in depth information about Science, Technology and Innovation policy in Flanders, highlight important figures or indicators, describe the broad context and the performance of the research and innovation landscape, and list both the main actors and the public entities engaged in the field of R&D and innovation. This publication will be updated yearly.

Flanders Research Information Space - FRIS

FRIS or Flanders Research Information Space is a research portal aiming to be a simple, transparant and open platform to make Flemish research information publicly available.
Economy, Science and Innovation is the ideal mix to send Flanders to the top of European regions. The department of Economy, Science and Innovation seeks to achieve this through the correct preparation, monitoring and evaluation of policy.