Flanders and the Flemish government

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Flanders, as being an autonomous region in Belgium, has its own Flemish Parliament, Government of Flanders and Flemish administration. 

The Flemish Parliament consists of all the Council members directly elected in the Flemish Region. In total, there are 124 members.  Ten of them have seats in the Senate: they are the "community senators". The Flemish Parliament votes on decrees: these are the laws of the Flemish Community and the Flemish Region. 

The Government of Flanders exercises the executive power and consists of consists of 9 ministers, who are in the office for a 5-year term (2014-2019).  
You can find a list of all the ministers and there responsabilities through this link.  

The Flemish public administration implements the policy and takes care of execution of policy, preparation and evaluation.  


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