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The Flemish AI plan in its entirety is overseen by a steering committee, consisting of members who are leading figures representing various (types of) stakeholders. The steering committee meets four times a year.

The following people are member of the AI steering committee:

  • Filip Pintelon (chairman) [Barco]
  • Herman Van der Auweraer [Siemens]
  • Katya Vladislavleva [DataStories]
  • Luc Missine [Unizo]                                   replacement: Paul  Roevens
  • Peter Demuynck [Agoria]
  • Hans Maertens [Voka]                              replacement:  Dieter Somers
  • Rik van de Walle [UGent]                         replacement:  Ignace Lemahieu
  • Koenraad Debackere [KU  Leuven]        replacement: Bart De Moor
  • Luc Van den Hove [imec]                         replacement:  Jo De Boeck
  • Ria Bollen [Vlhora]
  • The representation of VUB (Hugo Thienpont – replacement Qing Cai), UHasselt (Ken Haenen - replacement: Sadia Vancauwenbergh) and Uantwerpen (t.b.a.) respectively Vito (Bart Buelens - replacement: Jef Hooyberghs), VIB (Sofie Bekaert) and Make Flanders (t.b.a.) is rotated annually.

The following people from the Flemish government also participate (some occasionally):

  • EWI department: Johan Hanssens, Peter Spyns, Erwin Dewallef, Simon Verschaeren
  • VLAIO: Mark Andries, Leo  Van de Loock, Jeroen Fiers  [secretary]
  • Office of the minister Crevits: Paul De Hondt

In addition, the coordinators of the research track (Sabine Demey), the Knowledge Centre Data & Society (Rob Heyman) and the Flemish AI Academy (Bart De Moor) usually also participate in the meetings as experts.

For the implementation and dissemination tracks and for research track, specific working groups meet about every two months.

  • The research working groep consists of representatives of the ten partners of the research consortium, Agoria, VOKA, de Vlaamse Hogescholenraad, VLAIO en EWI.
  • The implementation working group consists of members  of the Flemish government (in addition to EWI and VLAIO), intermediary organisations, universities and university colleges. Representatives of the Flemish AI Academy and the Knowledge Centre for Data & Society also participate in the meetings of the implementation working group.

In order to ease the interaction between  all parts of the AI plan, the coordinator of the research track participates in  the meetings of the implementation working group and representatives of Voka and Unizo attend the  meetings of the research working group.


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