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The ideal mix between economy, science and innovation to bring Flanders to the top of European regions: that’s what we're looking for. In the first place, the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) seeks to achieve this through the preparation, monitoring and evaluation of policy. The established policy is carried out by
the agencies, while the advisory councils provide competent advice. 


The Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI Department) prepares, monitors and evaluates policy in the Economy, Science and Innovation policy area. Our main aim is to develop Flanders into one of the most advanced and prosperous regions in the world. Our driving forces are the promotion of:

  • excellence in scientific research,
  • an attractive and sustainable business climate,
  • a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial society.

We are developing the EWI Department in the Flemish government’s knowledge centre on the economy, science and innovation.


The interplay between the economy, science and innovation holds out unique opportunities to develop a future-oriented long-term strategy. Working in a climate of openness and cooperation, we tailor our ideas to those of our partners in our own policy area and with the other policy areas. We formulate our policymaking proposals both proactively and at the request of the competent ministers.

We monitor the policy cycle by critically evaluating the effectiveness of policies that have been implemented and adjusting the approach on the basis of objective results. We communicate regularly about developments and future prospects with regard to our activities. We maintain close contacts with stakeholders, as this is an excellent means of enhancing our knowledge and expertise and ensures that we provide added value in terms of decision-making − not only at regional level, but also in federal and international policy bodies. Internationalisation and globalisation are having a growing impact on our work environment. We encourage Flemish participation in worldwide research and innovation and tailor economic policy to the international dimension of the Flemish economy. We also involve developing countries through science sharing.


The Flemish Department of Economy, Science and Innovation was established in 2006 after the Flemish governmental reorganisation within the scope of Better Administrative Policy.


Within the EWI Department, there are four divisions:

  • Enterprise and Innovation Division seeks to develop an appealing and sustainable entrepreneurial environment and stimulates innovation
  • Research Division promotes science policy, by stimulating excellence in fundamental research and by communicating about science, technology and related processes
  • Strategy and Co-ordination Division deals with transversal policy themes, long-term strategy and the evaluation and synchronisation of policy
  • General Affairs & Support Division deals with human resources, training, finances, ICT, facility and general support for the department




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