Policy area: Science, Economy and Innovation

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Under the name of Better Administrative Policy, the Flemish public administration was subjected to root-and-branch reform in 2006 by the following principles:

  • designed to make the public administration more efficient;
  • tasks are now organised on the basis of 12 policy areas;
  • each policy area is composed of a department and a number of autonomous agencies;
  • the role of the departments is to prepare, monitor and evaluate public policy in the policy field of the department;
  • the agencies then apply and implement government policy within the context of the services provided to citizens, companies and organisations.


The 12 policy areas of the Flemish public administration:

  • Public Governance and the Chancellery
  • Flemish Foreign Affairs
  • Finance and Budget
  • Education and Training
  • Economy, Science and Innovation
  • Culture, Youth, Sport and Media
  • Welfare, Public Health and Family
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Work and Social Economy
  • Mobility and Public Works
  • Environment, Nature and Energy
  • Spatial Planning, Housing Policy and Immovable Heritage

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