Waarheen met de Europese ruimtestrategie?

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1 mei 2016

De Europese Commissie investeert tussen 2014 en 2020 12 miljard euro in ruimteprogramma's. 

Voor dit jaar werkt de Europese Commissie een "Space Strategy for Europe" uit. Deze zal de Europese ruimtestrategie vorm geven tot 2030. 

Om te weten wat er leeft bij de stakeholders houdt de Europese Commissie een publieke bevraging.

"We would like to make sure that all relevant stakeholders (at European, national and regional levels) have the opportunity to express their views on the different elements of the space strategy, including the objectives, the main challenges and opportunities facing the EU space sector today, the trends and drivers of global competition in the sector, as well as the desirability of EU intervention."

"Specific attention is given to the market uptake by current and future users of the services and data generated by the flagship space programmes, Galileo/EGNOS and Copernicus, as well as the evolution of these programmes in the future. International partners are also invited to contribute to this consultation."

(Bron: Public consultation on a Space Strategy for Europe)

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